Pink Graffiti Polyester Face Mask


Made from premium athletic poly blend which allows for excellent breathability and comfort.

Adjustable Ear Straps Makes It One Size Fits All – Youth and Adults! – The size of the mask: Width: 9inches – Height is 5.3in.

*Not intended for a medical purposes*

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Premium Pink Graffiti Polyester Face Mask

😷 Custom pink graffiti polyester face mask made from premium athletic poly blend which allows for excellent breathability and comfort.


Size: Adult

*Not intended for medical purposes*

20% of All Purchases

Hoop ‘Til It Hurts! is a way of living. It’s doing your very best and trying your hardest to become better — a better basketball player and a better person. We created Hoop ‘Til It Hurts! to support kids who have the drive to play basketball, and provide them with the resources they need on and off the court. 20% of all sales goes towards providing uniforms, apparel  along with team and tournament fees to kids in need… Hoop “Til It Hurts! partners with organizations, like the Hoop ‘Til It Hurts Foundation and Project Education Plus, to provide them support off the court by donating laptops and support for free academic tutoring.  

Founded by Michael “Skeet” Horton

Skeet Horton wanted to find words to describe how basketball helped him overcome a childhood full of obstacles. He grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago. The adults around him didn’t get up and go to work every day. Drug and alcohol abuse were present. Basketball was where Skeet learned to be accountable and when he played, he gave everything. He hooped ‘til it hurt. In return, basketball gave him positive role models and the drive to become a better version of himself.

Inspired by Chicago street artists, our basketball graffiti designs are a reminder that basketball is more than just a sport. It’s an idea, a dream, proof that you can defy all odds, self-doubt and accomplish your goals. If you work hard, you will persevere, even if it hurts.

Our custom apparel is made to inspire on and off the court, and make you look good whether you’re playing pickup or out in the city.

  • Adjustable Ear Straps – Adjustable ear straps make this mask One Size Fits All (Youth and Adults). This mask is 9 inches wide and 5.3 inches tall. 
  • Machine Washable – This pink graffiti polyester face mask can be reused safely. It is machine washable and the bright colors won’t fade when washed. 
  • Superior Heat Management The custom graffiti masks are made from a premium athletic poly blend making them both breathable and comfortable, even during the summer heat.
  • Two-Layer Protection – Our custom face masks fit snugly against the face and are lined with soft cotton for all day comfort. The mask has 2 layers and a filter can be inserted in between the layers of fabric for extra protection.
  • Original Artwork – Rep your motivation with our masks inspired by Chicago street artists. Look good and promote an uplifting message while giving back to the community with Hoop ‘Til It Hurts!, the brand created to support youth basketball.

*Not intended for a medical purposes*


Hoop ‘Til It Hurts

Hoop ‘Til It Hurts was built upon the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to benefit from competing in basketball.


Look Good. Give Back.

20% of all sales is donated to the Hoop ‘Til It Hurts Foundation, a 501c3. We invest in boys and girls who have the drive to play hard and to help alleviate the financial burden associated with playing basketball and provide them with the resources they need on and off the court.


Our Impact

By making a purchase, you will be investing in boys and girls who give it all on the court. You’re investing in families and in neighborhoods. You’re investing in the future.


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