Our Story

Michael Hortonwanted to find words to describe how basketball helped him overcome a childhood full of obstacles.  He grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago.  The adults around him didn’t get up and go to work every day.  Drug and alcohol abuse was present.  Basketball was where Michael learned to be accountable and when he played, he gave everything. He hooped ‘til it hurt.  In return, basketball gave him positive male role models and the drive to become a better version of himself.

Hoop ‘Til It Hurts! Is A Way of Living.

It’s doing your very best and trying your hardest to become better — a better ball player and a better person.

Hoop ‘Til It Hurts! was developed to support kids who want to play basketball.  We want to celebrate the kids who have the drive to play hard and to give them the resources they need to stay on the court by providing uniforms, paying for tournament fees or for travel. But life doesn’t end on the basketball court and many of these kids need more help at home or at school. Hoop “Til It Hurts! partners with organizations, like the Hoop ‘Til It Hurts Foundation to support kinds on the court and Project Education Plus, to make sure that they have support off the court by donating 20% of all gross proceeds from apparel sales.

The Hoop ‘Til It Hurts Foundation invests in kids who have the drive to play hard by providing them with the resources they need on and off the court. We provide grants to pay for apparel, league and travel fees as well as private academic tutors. For more information visit https://hooptilithurtsfoundation.org/.